3,000 Plants for Vue

Posted by Xfrog on January 26th, 2015

XfrogPlants are now available at 50% off in Vue format as Free downloads, and Bundles are $435.00 for Volume 1 or Volume 2, or $699.50 for the Volume Bundle. You can also use XfrogPlants in earlier Vue releases: if you do not have Vue 2014 or higher, we give you files fully compatible with all earlier Vue product releases back to Vue 9.
XfrogPlants Vue 2014-2015, are highly shader/lighting optimized plants released in January 2015 for use in the entire product line of e-onsoftware Vue 2015 products. They open and render without any plugin or adjustments needed. They work especially well as photometric ecosystems, “out of the box”, no settings changes needed, simple open, distribute, and render.

Xfrog for Vue Comparisons

Improved models with Photometric Lighting.

They also work in all xStream products! And, by choosing “additional formats” during any free download or purchase from our store, if you select “Maya”, “Max”, or “C4d”, you can also use XfrogPlants in all e-software Carbon Scatter products!

Many examples of Vue ecosystems of XfrogPlants Vue 2015 can be seen in our gallery, by the most talented Vue artists, such as Massi-san. Here are a few examples of his work, no post-editing, no shader or light editing, using XfrogPlants Vue 2015.
a-place-to-be-massi-san-925x400Somewhere in BrazilFar CrySnowy Path to the Old Church

You can find a few “tips and tricks” for getting the most of out your XfrogPlants in our Vue Support Page.

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