XfrogPlants Landscaping Library now available

Posted by Xfrog on August 16th, 2010

XfrogPlants Landscaping
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XfrogPlants BoxwoodXfrogPlants Golden Leaf boxwoodXfrogPlants False CypressSpindlesGolden Oriental ArborvitaeXfrogPlants Lesser Periwinkle

Each DVD includes 180 3D models (3ds max, maya, c4d, lwo, obj, 3ds) of Europe 3 plants, and (180) 1600 x 1600 Billboards and (180) 1600 x 1600 Perspective Renders, each with alpha, for single polygon opacity mapping, for direct compositing.
A Print-resolution PDF in English is enclosed with the library(also at the link above), which explains the origins of each Plant and features many High-res Renders of each model. Perfect for giving out to customers or selecting which models you want to include in your scenes.
XfrogPlants libraries are used by Pixar, ILM, Digital Domain, Dreamworks SKG, Konami, SONY Imageworks, and hundreds of other production companies worldwide.

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Landscaping libraries contains important plants such as Norway Maple, European Hornbeam, Boxwood, American Planetree and more, for a total of 20 Species with 9 variations (180 models)

About Xfrog, Inc.
Xfrog is a world leader in organic plant modeling and organic and ecosystem software research and development. XfrogPlants are currently 3,000 botanically accurate plant models created with Xfrog procedural software in 31 libraries and includes detailed documentation in 7 languages. Xfrog Modeling Software exists as Plugins for Maya, CINEMA 4D, and as standalone Windows Software (Xfrog 3.5)

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