Xfrog for Windows

Xfrog for Windows

Installing Xfrog

Download the 30 Day Fully functional free Xfrog trial by adding it to shopping cart in our shop and checkout for free.

Download and open the zip and double-click Setup.exe, which will install the trial.

Create new organic models and animations, or edit any of our 3000 Xfrog PlantsĀ  ( .xfr files )

If the Setup.exe doesnt run, please follow the this guide to boot safe and install+reboot.

Xfrog Reference Manual

English | Japanese

Video Tutorials

Overview of the user interface and how to customize it.
The 9 Components and how to connect them to build and animate your models.
A collection of useful tips.
How to build and animate a tree, creation of flowers, shrubs, and more.
Not only can you set keyframes, but you can also use equations to animate models.
The most frequently asked questions.