Getting Started

Getting Started with Xfrog for Maya


Select your operating system for an installation guide for Xfrog for Maya.

Register Xfrog

Once you have installed and launched Xfrog, you will need to get a key to use your software. When you launch Xfrog, this will bring up the About Xfrog window, which gives options for getting either a Temporary Key, or a Permanent License. Click on either, and you will be taken to an our online registration form: complete form with your and your key will be emailed immediately.

About Xfrog Window

About Xfrog Window

Once you have your License key (Temporary or Permanent), you can enter it in Maya. After you have entered your Key, you will be prompted to restart Maya.

Enter License

Enter License

Restart Maya

Restart Maya

Basic Workshops

These basic Xfrog Tutorial workshops will help get you going. They include full videos as well as example files to work with. Look at the
Workshops section for many more advanced projects.

Lowpoly Tree
This four part tutorial covers the creation of a tree with low polygon counts.

See the complete tutorial.

Take a Xfrog tree structure and make it move in the wind. With help of the noise() function inside the CurveNurbs object and with help of tropism objects we will gently shake the tree.

Watch the Wind video tutorial

There are also example files available for this tutorial:
Download the files for the Wind tutorial