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On these pages you will find a lot of information on how to use the Xfrog 3.5 standalone application.

Most information comes in form of video tutorials. Please be sure, that you have the Flash player installed on your system. You can find more information about Flash on the Adobe website.

The Xfrog PC Reference Manual is a PDF document which contains comprehensive information regarding the functionality of Xfrog 3.5 Full and Xfrog 3.5 Lite.
Available in two languages: English (6.91MB) | Japanese (7.13 MB)

Xfrog is now available as a standalone software for Windows 10! Also runs great in Windows 7 and 8!

Quick Install

Download the 30 day trial to your desktop. Reboot your computer. During reboot press F8 key to enter Safe Mode. Login to whatever account will use Xfrog. Open the Xfrog zip and double click ‘Setup.exe’. Follow the steps and Xfrog will be installed. Reboot your computer to run in normal mode. Now enjoy Xfrog for Windows fully functional for the next 30 days !
NOTE: Some users do not have to boot in safe mode – you can try first to double click Setup.exe and if it works, simply install Xfrog. Unfortunately several spam blockers have occasionally blocked our Installer from running. The reliable way is to boot in Safe Mode once to install.

The section Interface will show you the user interface of Xfrog 3.5 and how to use and customize it.

Xfrog offers several components that you can use to build organic structures. This chapter will show you the different components and their functionality.

This chapter will try to show you some usefull techniques.

Here you can find complete tutorials, for example how to build a tree, creation of flowers and more.

Boys and girls, please open your math books! Many people fear the use of equations and functions. This chapter will try to show you how to mace use of equations – even if you donĀ“t like math and science.

FAQ – most frequently asked questions
Just like the title says: this chapter will try to cover the most frequently asked questions.