Official Documentation

Creating Your First Scene
Terragen User Guide
Terragen Node Reference
This online-only resource gives detailed information about every node available in Teragen. It includes information on the purpose and functionality of each node, as well as the effect of each setting.

Adding Plants

Learn how to add XfrogPlants to your Terragen scenes with this video tutorial.

Xfrog for Windows Flower to Terragen

This tutorial shows how to create a flower in Xfrog for Windows and how to bring it into Terragen.

Watch the video tutorial

There are also example files available for this tutorial: Download Flower tutorial files

3DS Max and Maya Tutorials

Learn to work with Terragen 2 and 3DS Max or Maya with these video tutorials.
Terragen to Maya

Terragen to 3ds Max

Cloud Function Tutorial

With cloud node inputs it is easy to create the effect of clouds following a terrain and conforming to a mountain peak as shown in this simulated time lapse sequence. Learn to use the cloud control functions in Terragen 2.2 with this in-depth tutorial by Martin Huisman.

More Resources

Planetside Wiki
The new Planetside wiki an entirely user-driven supplement to the official Terragen documentation. This wiki is frequently updated for more organized and detailed documentation of specific tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials.

Planetside Forums
The Planetside user forums are a great resource. You can learn a great deal from the community of expert Terragen users.

For questions not answered here contact Planetside support.