Get the best out of your plant renders

Billboards TreeXfrogPlants are available for Vue 2014 and Vue 9 as Free downloads, Species, Libraries, and Bundles. Upon free download or purchase, you will receive both formats as download links to choose from. Simply choose 2014 for Vue 2014 or choose Vue9 for anything previous to Vue 2014. Both XfrogPlants for Vue 2014 and XfrogPlants for Vue 9 work extremely well, inside the entire spectrum of all Vue products, including xStream. If you are a Carbon Scatter user, please also select “Max” “Maya” or “C4d” during free downloads or while shopping in our store, so you will receive both Vue and whichever format you use with Carbon Scatter.

XfrogPlants for Vue 2014, were highly optimized in January 2015 for use in all Vue 2014 products, and work especially well with photometric lighting and as ecosystems in Vue and xStream, with no editing of any kind needed. They work as-is and many examples of Vue ecosystems of XfrogPlants can be seen in our gallery by the artist Massi-san. See examples his XfrogPlants Vue ecosystem work in the Xfrog Gallery.

Below, we have created a few simple tips towards using XfrogPlants for Vue 2014 and XfrogPlants for Vue 9

Rendering XfrogPlants in Vue 2014

Setup for XfrogPlants in Vue 2014 with photometric light:
– choose the photometric light model in the atmoshere tab
– double click on the camera
– click on edit where it says “current display gamma”
– change the gamma to 2.2 for display and image files
(this also works with the standard spectral model!)
XfrogPlants for Vue 2014 Gamma Setup
(this also works with the standard spectral model!)

Rendering XfrogPlants in Vue 9

This little workshop will show you different lighting techniques and also some material adjustments, to improve the look of your plant renders.

First we will load the plant and do some basic changes to the material. Afterwards we will create a simple three point light setup.

Watch Part 1 of the video tutorial

The second clip gives you some insight into Global Ambience and Global Illumination rendering.

Watch Part 2 of the video tutorial

The last clip shows some details about Global Radiosity.

Watch Part 3 of the video tutorial

There are also example files available for this tutorial: Download tutorial files

If you want to try a different plant, then you can download an example tree here: Download birch tree