SIGGRAPH Terragen 2 Bundle Discount

Posted by Xfrog on July 21st, 2010

SIGGRAPH 2010 July 23 – July 31

Terragen 2 Mega Bundle
MEGA Bundle
$999 Now $799
Terragen 2 Bundle
Standard Bundle
$699 Now $599


Terragen 2 forestXfrogPlants flowersTerragen 2 forestTerragen 2 Volcano ValleyTerragen fieldTerragen Mission Peak PreserveTerragen Winter Arriving

All images have been created and rendered with Terragen 2 using XfrogPlants and Xfrog software.

Los Angeles, CA July 23 – 31 SIGGRAPH 2010

Planetside Software and Xfrog Inc, announce July 23-31st discount pricing of $ 599 “Standard Bundle” (Terragen 2 with 1,300 XfrogPlants in TGO format), and $ 799 “MEGA Bundle” (Terragen 2 with 1,300 XfrogPlants TGO and XFR formats + XFROG 3.5 Software). With the Standard Bundle you have now the world’s most highly realistic virtual ecosystem software available with 1,300 highly accurate XfrogPlants! With the MEGA Bundle you have all the features of the Standard Bundle and also can open the 1,300 XfrogPlants in ALL 3D Software Programs, and create an infinite number of plant variations.

Planetside also releases a limited time discounted price on the Base TG 2 Software, (for folks who do not need the 1,300 plants) at

Please click on the boxcovers and thumbnails in this press release to learn more about Terragen 2 and 1,300 XfrogPlants. Please visit the main Bundle Page:

Planetside Software
Planetside Software was founded in 1999, and the name Terragen has become synonymous with photorealistic computer generated landscapes. Planetside Software believes that professionals, amateur artists and hobbyists share a common need for tools that deliver controllable realism and enable creativity and strives to make those tools affordable to all.

Xfrog Inc.
Xfrog was founded in 1996 as greenworks organic software, and is a world leader in organic modeling software and ecosystem research. XfrogPlants TG2 Standard Bundle provides 1,300 plant models inside Terragen 2. XfrogPlants MEGA Bundle is all contents of the Standard Bundle plus 1,300 XFR format and the popular XFROG 3.5 Full Software, enabling plant editing and creation, and plant export into all popular 3d packages.

Select Credits:

Avatar (Select Pandora Plants)
War of the Worlds
The Incredibles (Jungle Plants)
Polar Express ( All Plants )
Time Machine
Konami (multiple games)
Microsoft Flight Simulator
EA Tiger Woods Golf

PlanetsideXfrog info

Terragen 2 Price Grid
Terragen 2 with Xfrog Plants MEGABUNDLE $999
Terragen 2 with Animation, 1,300 XfrogPlants (in both TGO and XFR formats) and Xfrog 3.5 full modeling and editing software
Terragen 2 with XfrogPlants $699
Basic bundle includes newest version of Terragen 2 with Animation and all 1,300 XfrogPlants (in TGO format only)

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