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UPGRADE Xfrog 4.x/5.x -> Xfrog 5.5 for Maya

UPGRADE Xfrog 4.x/5.x ->  Xfrog 5.5 for Maya
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Code: XF-03
Price: $199.00
Sale: $99.50!
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Xfrog 5.0

Xfrog 5.0
for Maya 2010-12

Xfrog 5.2

Xfrog 5.1
for Maya 2013

Xfrog 5.2

Xfrog 5.2
for Maya 2014

Xfrog 5.3

Xfrog 5.3
for Maya 2015

Thank you for your interest in upgrading to Xfrog 5.4 for Maya.

Here is where you can purchase your upgrade as a owner of Xfrog 4 or 5 for Maya.

Xfrog 5.4 for Maya, is the latest release of the popular Xfrog for Maya organic modeling and animation plugins, and contains many new features, such as access to single instance elements by instance number, ability to remove single instance elements from whole objects, ability to individually access parameters of single instance element, much higher flexibility in combination of elements, access locations of single instance elements, and better useability and faster performance, are all available now in Xfrog 5.4 for Maya!

However, you may be entitled to a free upgrade:

If you currently have a license for Xfrog 5.2 for Maya 2014, you may upgrade to Xfrog 5.3 for Maya 2015 free of charge.

Simply download Xfrog 5.3, install, and request a permanent key.

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