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Forest Pack 5 Pro

Forest Pack 5 Pro
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Code: XB-29

License Type
Stand Alone Network
Includes 1 Year Upgrade Plan

Forest Lake Arroyo Under Roman Bridge House With Pool Garden House Garden House

Forest Pack is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, and 3ds Max Design, designed to give a complete solution for creation of vast surfaces of your Xfrog trees and plants. Forest Pack enables you to scatter millions of proxies, high-poly meshes or billboards, and using custom geometry shaders, create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons.
Our new Volume 2 libraries in Forest Pack format allow you to easily switch back an forth between V-Ray and Mental ray shaders.

Forest Pack Demo Reel View the Forest Pack Demo Reel
With the Xfrog Catalog for Forest Pack, you can use all the 3d trees, flowers shrubs and other plants from your XfrogPlants libraries from the Forest Pack Library Browser. This catalog features definitions, thumbnails and auto material assignment.

You can also download your free Xfrog Forest Pack Catalog here!

Material Optimizer

Most XFrogPlants models are high-poly meshes with opacity maps to define leafs and details. These high-quality models could lead to increased render times if the scenes are not properly optimized. Material Optimizer

Forest Pack includes an optimization tool that will help you maintain a low render times while leveraging the full potential of XFrogPlant models.

The Material Optimizer tool converts automatically the standard scanline materials, to native materials for the most common 3DSMax render engines.

With this utility you can benefit of improved render times and realistic look only with a single click. To use it open the Materials rollup in your Forest object and press the Optimize Materials button.

Forest Pack Support
Visit our Forest Pack Support Page for tips, tutorials and help to get started using your XfrogPlants with Forest Pack! To learn more about Forest Pack in general and to learn how to get started, iTooSoft's Forest Pack Support Page

iToo has also set up new section in their forum, just for Xfrog Users!

Free Downloads

Forest Pack Lite
Forest Pack Lite is the free version of the plugin, for use in your personal and commercial projects.
Download Forest Pack Lite

Xfrog Catalog for Forest Pack
Use all the 3d trees, flowers and shrubs from your XfrogPlants libraries from the Forest Pack Library Browser with the free Xfrog Catalog for Forest Pack.
Download Xfrog Forest Pack Catalog

Stand-alone vs Network licenses? Under a Stand-alone license, the software is constrained to a certain host. A license is needed for each computer the software will be installed on.

In Network license mode, a pool of licenses is available on the server, for use in any computer on the network. You only need to have licenses for the maximum number of simultaneous users expected, not for each computer where the software will be installed.

A great advantage of the Network licenses is that you only need to install and activate licenses on the Server, not on the workstations. This allows you to change or upgrade the computers more easily, without having to worry about reactivating licenses.

What is a Upgrade Subscription plan? The Subscription plan gives you access to the following benefits:
- Automatic upgrades to the most up-to-date versions of the software, including major releases and patches.
- Early access to Beta versions and the opportunity to test and suggest new features before they are included in the final release.
- Premium technical support and prioritized incident management, including first response to your issues within 1 business day, and usually much faster than that.
By default, all licenses include a one-year subscription, but you can choose an extended subscription plan at the time of purchase.

Software does NOT stop working when the subscription period expires. You can continue using the product forever. Once your subscription plan expires, you will not be able to download the latest upgrades.

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