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UPGRADE: Xfrog 3.5 -> Xfrog 5.5 for Maya

UPGRADE: Xfrog 3.5  ->  Xfrog 5.5 for Maya
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With Xfrog 5.5 for Maya, a new organic modeling tool by Xfrog inc,
you can create complex structures such as trees, bushes, and flowers in very short time -
and with fantastic, realistic quality. Plants, organisms, abstract forms, organic architecture, or special effects,
which have a basis in Nature become very easy with Xfrog 5.3 for Maya.

Branch Object - Create multi-level branching structures with extremely realistic growth. Animate from seed to adult tree.
Phyllotaxis Object - Arrange components using the mathematical "golden section". e.g. a sunflower's petals and seed patterns.
Hydra Object - Arranges components in user defined specialized circular patterns. a wide variety of uses.
Curvature Object - Creates Splines which can be used as a basis for naturally curved leafs or twigs. A very powerful addition to Maya.
Variation Object - Combine different Objects with the Branch, Phyllotaxis and Hydra Objects, for example you can use different leaves scattered throughout a tree, or any sort of variations that you need for higher realism.
Tropism Object - Robust Photo and Gravitropism Simulator which pulls the entire hierarchy towards gravity and towards light, with infinite user controls over animation and strength.

The Objects are easily and precisely controlled by control curves and splines, that can also be animated.
Advanced users can influence the input values of the curves and splines with mathematical formulas,
so they are able to create unique complex structures very quickly.

Xfrog 5 ScreenshotXfrog 5 ScreenshotXfrog 5 Screenshot
(click to enlarge)

The tight integration of Xfrog 5.3 for Maya enables the user to combine all tools very powerfully with each other.
For example, NURBS or polygon objects can be copied with the Branch Object, the Hydra Object or Phyllotaxis Object.
Or you can use the geometry made in Xfrog 5 as basis of a particle emitter. Even deformers can be applied to Xfrog Objects,
AND you can even include Xfrog 5 in your MEL scripts - all Xfrog 5 objects are able to be controlled with MEL.

AND - there is no additional cost for a render key ! - you can
render acros any size farm without an additional key of Xfrog 5.3 !!!

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