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UPGRADE Xfrog 3.5 -> Xfrog 5.5 for Cinema 4D

UPGRADE Xfrog 3.5  ->  Xfrog 5.5 for Cinema 4D
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Code: XA-10
Price: $199.00
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Now you can use Xfrog within your favorite 3D application. Just upgrade from Xfrog 3.5 (Full and Lite) to Xfrog 5.3 the most popular Plugin Application for CINEMA 4D.
Using Xfrog's unique conceptual approach within CINEMA 4D, it is now possible to push computer graphics to a new level of sophistication, creating complex life forms elegant enough to mimic the natural world around us.
Xfrog 5.3 for CINEMA 4D is available with native strings for English, German, Japanese, and French users, and runs on both Macintosh and Windows versions of CINEMA 4D.

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