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XfrogPlants EUROPE 3

XfrogPlants EUROPE 3
Get detailed plant information and buy individual species:
Cappadocian Maple
Grey Alder
Turkish Hazel
European Smoketree
Cutleaf European Beech
Weeping European Beech
Savin Juniper
European Fly Honeysuckle
European Hop Hornbeam
Oriental Planetree
European Aspen
Cucasian Wingnut
Scarlet Firethorn
Downy Oak
Pussy Willow
Golden Willow
Service Tree
Wild Service Tree
European White Elm
Europe 3 is our most detailed collection of 3D trees yet. This library of 3D plant models features 20 species from all over Europe at different ages and varied seasons. Each plant includes 9 variations for a total of 180 highly detailed, fully textured 3D models. This set of ages is required for generating ecosystems and gives enough variation for instancing the models across a virtual terrain. These stunning tree models use millions of polygons for an unmatched level of detail.

Together the 3 EUROPE Libraries, give you 300 3D European tree models with seasonsas well as a range of complexity from 10,000 polygons to 2,000,000. The DVDs also include 1600 x 1600 Billboards and 1600 x 1600 Perspective Renders, each with alpha, for single polygon opacity mapping, or direct compositing.
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Download Download + DVD: $15.00
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3ds Max
Cinema 4D
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European Hop Hornbeam ( Ostrya carpinifolia ) Try Before you Buy - Free Download:
European Hop Hornbeam ( Ostrya carpinifolia )

Individual Species:
41 Cappadocian Maple Acer cappadocicum
42 Grey Alder Alnus incana
43 Chestnut Castanea sativa
44 Turkish Hazel Corylus colurna
45 European Smoketree Cotinus coggygria
46 Cutleaf European Beech Fagus sylvatica var. Asplenifolia
47 Weeping European Beech Fagus sylvatica var. Pendula
48 Savin Juniper Juniperus sabina
49 European Fly Honeysuckle Lonicera xylosteum
50 European Hop Hornbeam Ostrya carpinifolia
51 Oriental Planetree Platanus orientalis
52 European Aspen Populus tremula
53 Cucasian Wingnut Pterocarya fraxinifolia
54 Scarlet Firethorn Pyracantha coccinea
55 Downy Oak Quercus pubescens
56 Pussy Willow Salix caprea
57 Golden Willow Salix alba var. Vitellina
58 Service Tree Sorbus domestica
59 Wild Service Tree Sorbus torminalis
60 European White Elm Ulmus laevis

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