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XfrogPlants Crown Of Thorns Starfish

( Acanthaster planci )
XfrogPlants Crown Of Thorns Starfish
    This XfrogPlants Crown Of Thorns Starfish 3D model collection contains three highly detailed, fully textured variations of the plant at different ages.

    Clade: Echinodermata Depth: -0,5 to -30 m.
    Distribution: Red Sea to Central America
    Environment: coral reef
    Climate: warm waters

    The Crown Of Thorns belongs (like sea urchins, brittle stars and other classes) to the clade of Echinodermata. The color is very variable and can range from red over magenta to olive. Likewise variable is the number of arms (10-23). Coral polyps are the preferred nutrition, which already led to a wide destruction of coral reefs, in case of an outbreak. One should avoid the contact with the pricks, as painful injuries can develop in combination with a separately secreted poisonous mucus.
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