Now Available: 3,000 2D Plants!

Posted by Xfrog on February 5th, 2013
XfrogPlants 2D Plants
Now you can drag and drop our film-quality plants into Photoshop to add plants to your architectural designs, or make quick comps for commercials, TV and Film.

Enjoy 3,000 pre-rendered TIF+alpha plants ranging in size from 800 to 1600 pixels, each plant centered and evenly lit for multipurpose use.
XfrogPlants 2D Plants
Because they are alpha cutouts, you can texture map and use all our plants inside your 3d scenes – thousands of grasses, shrubs, flowers and trees mapped onto single polygons for massive low-res ecosystems – great for pre-viz, game design, tv and film background plates, and more.

The plants are from all over the world – Europe, America, Asia, Japan, China, Africa, Oceania – giving you the power to build localized content for nearly any region of the world and enabling you to make very
realistic comps and background plates to dazzle any client, anywhere in the world.

Save thousands of hours of render time – BUY XfrogPlants 2D Plants today!

3 Responses to “Now Available: 3,000 2D Plants!”

  1. This coupon code is no valid for order under $200.

  2. Muhannad


    I’m a landscape architect, I find 3,000 2D Plants bundle is very useful, but it will be used in design sections only, I haven’t bought it nevertheless I will buy it if you can make a bundle like this one, but from top view, it would be very helpful to use in design plans and that will be the complete solution, So there will be no difference between design section and plans, I wish that I could get a response to my request.

    Best regards

  3. As a landscape designer, these symbols will come in very handy when producing renderings for clients. However, plan graphics are often more important. I would love to see this same collection in a ‘top down’ view.

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