Making of “Catch”: Xfrog 5 & Vue Tutorial

Posted by Xfrog on March 21st, 2012

3D artist Angela Hauer takes us step by step through the process of making “Catch”. Learn to build and model a magnolia tree and flower in Xfrog 5 for Cinema 4D, then import and render in Vue 10 Infinite.

I wanted to experiment with Depth of Field, and while I was looking for a suitable scene to create, this idea came to mind. I only needed a few elements for the image I had visualized; some small changes in the default Vue Spectral Atmosphere, a magnolia tree I made in XFrog and Cinema 4D, 2 monkeys and a DAZ butterfly posed in Poser 6, and the Cornucopia3D Alder-Late Spring for the background.

See the full tutorial at cornucopia3d

Magnolia Tree Preview

Magnolia Blossom Variations

Magnolia Blossom Variations

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