Jungle Book Concept Art

Posted by Xfrog on May 13th, 2016
Cornucopia 3D has announced the winners for their Jungle Book 2016 Art Contest!

Spring has emerged and in the spirit of the Jungle Book Cornucopia3D is offering a new contest for the best Jungle Rendering of all time!

We want to see an explosion of vegetation, green mountains, clear skies, or maybe cloudy skies, a wild animal or two peeking from behind a tree or up in the branches.

The first place winner, Forgotten Place by Aron Kamolz, and the second place winner, Jungle River by Lars Braad Andersen both used XfrogPlants models from Oceania 1, Oceania 2, and Oceania 3 in their stunning renders.


First Place:

Forgotten Place by Aron Kamolz

Forgotten Place by Aron Kamolz

See more of Aron’s work and read our interview in our Artist of the Month feature.

Second Place:

Jungle River Lars Braad Andersen

Jungle River Lars Braad Andersen

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