Holger Schoemann Forest Path

Posted by Xfrog on September 3rd, 2010

Holger Shoemann Render
Holger Shoemann on the creating image:
“I didn’t use any reference, but I like to walk through the fields and woods. C4D in connection with VRay gave me the possibility to render a huge amount of polygons, so I decide to make a “walk through the woods”. I converted a part of the XfrogPlants European Groundcover library into vray proxies and use the “SurfaceSpread” plugin to spread all plants onto the wanted areas, this can be seen on the editor-view. After some walks in the nature and looking closer to “how plants are spread there” I start this project.  It needs a few days and some test renderings to find the look I want. The final rendering needs about 45min on an i7.”

Holger Shoemann Render Editor view

Below are renderings of plants from the European Groundcover library done to test his Vray Proxies:

XfrogPlants vray proxy testXfrogPlants vray proxy testXfrogPlants vray proxy testXfrogPlants vray proxy test

To see more work by Holger Shoemann, visit http://www.schoemann-unna.de

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