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White Mallee

Image of the Day 1/5/2016

( Eucalyptus dumosa )

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The White Mallee is native of a relatively dry region in Southern Australia. It is smaller than the typical Eucalypts and often presents itself in an almost shrubby form, often clustered in formations of 2-3 individuals growing next to each other. It forms a sparse scrubland in the dry plains of Southern Australia. The flowering takes place from late Summer to mid Autumn. The leaves are steam distilled as a commercial source of Eucalyptus Oil.

Height: up to 10-15 m. as tree, 4-6 m. as shrub
Origin: Southern and Southeastern Australia(Southern Australia, New South Wales)
Environment: Tall scrubland (mallee); in full sunlight; on well-drained soils
Climate: warm, temperate; dry

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