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Turkish Hazel

( Corylus colurna )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Europe 3

The Turkish Hazel is native or the Balkans area and of Turkey and Iran. It is the tallest of all Corylus species, reaching 35 meters height in native standings, but growing rarely above 15 meters when planted elsewhere. The fruit is hard and small, so not useful commercially, but Turkish Hazels trunks are used in cultivations to graft in the branches of the Common Hazel, because the Turkish Hazel does not produce growths from the base. The Turkish Hazel is cold and pollution resistant, and thus often planted for urban decoration.


Height: up to 20 m (typically around 15 m)
Origin: Southeastern Europe, Southwestern Asia
Environment: in full sunlight; on well-drained clay soil
Climate: cool, temperate

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