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( Helianthus annuus )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Home Garden

The Sunflower is an annual plant that blooms in the Summer. The large head produces hundreds of edible seeds and is heliotropic (it moves with the Sun, hence the name). Sunflowers are the only field crop native to North America. Cultivated by native Americans of the Southwest, the Sunflower was imported in Europe in 1510as decorative plant, and only later cultivated in large crops for the seeds. In the Inca culture it was the symbol of kingship, and the Inca priests considered it magic, because they noticed that the seeds are ordered in three spirals following both clockwise andanti-clockwise directions.

Height: up to 3 m.
Origin: Southwest of USA
Environment: meadows and grasslands, in full sunlight
Climate: warm, mild

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