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( Paeonia sp. )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Flowers 3

The Peony genus includes species native of Europe and other species native of Asia. The European species are herbaceous plants of perennial type, while the Asian species are woody shrubs. The shrubby species are rustic and can endure summer drought. However, they must be pruned carefully; an incautious pruning would cause the absence of flowering in the following springtime, or even the death of the plant. Multiplication is usually performed by implants, because seeding requires much care and time to be successful. In China Peonia is called "the queen of the flowers". They were protected by the emperors, and they also became the main ornamental motif of Ching and Ming ceramics.


Height: up to 1 m. (up to 2 m. when in shrubby form)
Origin: Europe, Asia
Environment: in full sun or half shade; on rich, neutral or slightly acidic soil
Climate: temperate

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