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Image of the Day 1/31/2016

( Celosia sp. )

Available individually or as part of XfrogPlants Flowers 3

Celosia is a small genus of ornamental annual plants. They are of African origin, but now diffused worldwide. They are also food stuff in some places, like Indonesia and India, where they are grown for the edible foliage which, reportedly, tastes somehow like spinach. But mostly they are grown for decorative purpose, due to the brilliant color of the flowers (the scientific name comes from Ancient Greek, where it used to mean “burning”). They grow very easily everywhere, and for this reason, they have now started to be considered as a farm crop option in those regions of the world where climate prevents most common crops from growing. Coxcombs have also curative properties against intestinal worms and mouth sores.


Height: up to 15 cm.
Origin: Africa
Environment: everywhere, in Tropical regions
Climate: warm and humid

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