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Watch "The Weed", a Public Service Announcement PostageVFX created for the NSVRC using Xfrog 5 for Maya to animate growing weeds and vines. Read PostageVFX executive producer Allen Clements's review of Xfrog 5 in Post Magazinewhich details the concept and creation of this TV spot.

We titled the project The Weed, symbolic of how sexual violence in rural United States grows wild like weeds, quietly creeping into destructive infestations. No surprise, we needed a weed, and we incorporated Xfrog 5 for Maya into our workflow to generate growing vegetation. Despite a steep and sometimes frustrating learning curve, Xfrog has since blossomed into a new land of creativity with its infinite array of high-quality, custom vegetation.
Because Maya doesn’t provide vegetation generation or plant growth plug-ins natively, Xfrog is advertised as a program that quickly and efficiently allows the Maya user to create high-quality trees and plants with precise control over every aspect of form and appearance. More importantly to us was Xfrog’s ability to manipulate and animate growth.

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