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CG artist Kevin Wilson combines Xfrog 5 for Maya with live footge to create this ultra-realistic logo piece.

AKEWT:GROW is a short video I produced to further my skills creating and compositing CG elements over live footage. I’ve been using XFrog for many years for game development but wanted to use it for a high-end application especially with the new features in v5 for Maya. In particular the prune function. Using SynthEyes to calculate the camera tracking from the footage I took on my Panasonic LX5 I authored a collection of shrubs in XFrog to sit in the live terracotta pot. It was quite an effort to wrangle all the shrub letters into one scene as a lot of the control curves had to be situated at world zero. Some of the keys also controlling the shape curves had to start a frame zero when the sequence actually started at frame 1258. Once the Maya scene was set up I started shading and lighting tests with VRay using the 2Sided Shader and its interpolated iradiance map solution for animated objects. VRay proved to be very stable overall with only a few lost frames in the GI pass. Once rendered I composited the elements together in Nuke and and edited in Premiere to add extra foliage audio.

 See how it was done with this breakdown of each layer composited in NUKE here

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