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Coastal Wattle

Image of the Day 1/16/2016

( Acacia sophorae )

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The Coastal Wattle is a hardy rustic shrub able to grow in difficult conditions and resistant to wind, salt, and even moderate frost. It is largely present on the Southeast coasts of Australia, where it is one of the first arboreal species to colonize the dunes and the first solid ground areas. It grows commonly as a prostrate shrub near the sea, while it can grow as a small tree when planted in the cities. The yellow showy flowering takes place at the end of winter/beginning of spring time. It likes full sun and open positions.

Height: up to 8 m., more common as 2-3 m. high shrub
Origin: Southeast Australia (Queensland to Victoria)
Environment: Coastal dunes, coastland; in open positions; on well-drained soils
Climate: warm, temperate

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