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Coast Banksia, Blooming

Image of the Day 1/12/2016

( Banksia integrifolia ssp. Integrifolia )

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Coast Banksia is much variable in shape, ranging from shrubby form to the size of a medium-high tree. In native habitat (which goes along the whole east coast of Southern Australia) it can be found stand-alone or in mixed association with Melaleuca quinquenervia. Differently from the other Banksias, the Coast Banksia does not need bushfires to trigger the seed release. It does, however, require some fires to create healthy surface soil conditions, without which it’s growth will suffer.

Height: up to 15 m.
Origin: Southeastern coast of Australia
Environment: coastal cliffs and headlands, alongside river estuaries; on sandstone soils and stabilized sand
Climate: warm, temperate

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