Free Xfrog Video Tutorials

Posted by Xfrog on March 30th, 2011

Free Xfrog tutorials are now available on our newly revamped Support page!
You’ll be an expert at modeling your own 3d trees, plants and flowers in no time: we’ve loaded it with video tutorials, workshops, hints, tips and FAQs for Xfrog 5 for Maya, Xfrog 4.4 for C4d and Xfrog 3.5, as well as sample files so you can follow along. Learn about the different aspects of the interface, get in-depth info on the different Xfrog components, or dive into the nitty-gritty of working with functions. We’ve also included sections for working with Vue and for getting the most out of your renders.

If you’re just getting started, there’s plenty of handy and helpful information to get you going, or if you’re an Xfrog veteran you can find what you need to push your models and renders even further!

These tutorials are also available on DVD from our store.

8 Responses to “Free Xfrog Video Tutorials”

  1. i like xfrog i need tutorials free
    thanks you

  2. Hi. I need free tutorials for xfrog.

    Thank You.

  3. Hi. I need free tutorials for xfrog.

    Hi. I need free tutorials for xfrog.

  4. how can you animate growth in xfrog. please help

  5. hi,please share me the free tutorial…i need it…thanks you

  6. Frank Hubert

    I need to grow a beanstalk with frog ( I have the trial version for now). Please Help!!!!

  7. …seems that there is NO Xfrog 3.5 tutorial anywhere in your site. can you pls advise where I can access the FREE tutorial? thanx:)

  8. Nevermind,…found the tuts on the Workshop page:)

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