Floating licenses of Xfrog for Cinema4D and Maya

Posted by Xfrog on April 10th, 2014

Xfrog 5.2 plugins for C4D and Maya, now work on any installation – floating or node-lock – you choose.
Xfrog also works free, without a license, for rendering, on any size render farm – setup renders across hundreds or thousands of machines in your facility or outside. View Xfrog 5 Maya Part 2 Page 67 to setup any size farm. Contact sales1@xfrog.com for a more site-specific, detailed setup.

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  1. David Yusim


    I am having trouble using XFrog with my team render machines in Cinema 4D R17. Regular 4D renders work, but any XFrog files just sit idle when the team render and their machines are enabled. Do I need to place the XFrog plugin onto each render node somehow?

    Thank you,

    David Yusim

  2. hi yes xfrog works great with team render you just need to place xfrog plugin in your plugins folder that all machines share

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