Artist of the Month: January 2015 – Rudi Hendrich

Posted by Xfrog on January 1st, 2015
Featured Artist Rudi Hendrich

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1. Q: Where are you from and how did you get involved with computer graphics, and how long ago?
A: I’m from Germany. Schleswig Holstein, a small state high in the north between the North and Baltic Sea. A friend of mine recommended me VUE 5 and since then it has never left me.
2. Q: Do you use computer graphics for work, personal style, or both?Xfrog 29
A: For me computer graphics is a hobby, a wonderful way to relax and its great fun. However, the technical challenges are an interesting thing to me.
3. Q: Do you have artistic training/background or are you self-taught? Where did you study and what?
A: I have no graphics training, I am self-taught according to the motto … Learning by doing. However, I do a lot with computers, so the jump to computer graphics was inevitable.
4. Q: What software do you use?
A: My favorite software Is Vue Infinite. Beside that I still use TPF, Xfrog, Poser, Daz, City Engine, and of course, 2D image processing.
5. Q: How did you find Xfrog and XfrogPlants? Do you use Xfrog, XfrogPlants or both?
A: I first saw XfrogPlants by friends through FaceBook. The quality is impressive and application (render time) is acceptable. With the Xfrog program I do very little. I’m more of a user, not a plant programmer.
Xfrog53b6. Q: Do you more enjoy modeling plants, creating ecosystems or making background elements for architecture?
A: I often use plants in ecosystems. However, individual for example macro images. Any plants lacking detail or of low quality I do not use.
7. Q: What feature would you like to see in Xfrog?Eucomis 1
A: I can’t say because I don’t program my own plants.
8. Q: What plants would you like to have as next library produced by xfrog?
A: I love terrestrial plants – Grasses, herbs, small flowers, etc. Above all, different types of grass, but of course, trees and shrubs, too.
9. Q: What is your favorite thing about Xfrog and XfrogPlants ?
A: Xfrog offers a wide range of plants. I appreciate the quality and rendertime is okay. This is very important for the application.
10. Q: What would you like to see improved about Xfrog and Xfrogplants?
A: I can’t say much here. The Vue software provides me with almost everything to use XfrogPlants according to my ideas.
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Rudi Hendrich was born Feb 4 1953 in Kiel, Germany. You can find him on FaceBook, or see his Cornucopia 3D Portfolio

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  1. Elke Bassler

    Hallo Rudi,
    Von dir gibt es immer wunderschöne Bilder mit liebevollen Details. Ich freue mich jedes mal auf ein neues Bild von dir 🙂

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