Enter CGChallenge XXVII: ’10’

Posted by Xfrog on October 23rd, 2012

Enter CGSociety’s CGChallenge XXVII to win XfrogPlants Bundles and other fantastic prizes.

Challenge for the world’s best digital art has begun
CGSociety is offering over $140,000 in prizes with CGChallenge XXVII: TEN

CGSociety has been celebrating their first ten years as the premier site for digital artists worldwide. As a major part of these celebrations, they have launched CGChallenge XXVII: TEN. The eagerly awaited competition will challenge computer graphic artists to include the number TEN into an image or video, whether literally or symbolically. The challenge will end 11 January, 2013.

CGSociety has gathered prizes from the biggest names in the digital art world. Because of these generous sponsors, they can offer a massive prize pool of over $140,000.CGChallenge XXVII: TEN incredible sponsors include: NVIDIA, Autodesk, LightWave, WACOM, AMD, Side Effects, Pixologic, The Foundry / Luxology, CHAOSGROUP, RealFlow, Shutterstock, GNOMON School, Imagineer systems, IKinema, RenderLife, Xfrog, Evermotion, Think Kinetic, stash, 3dConnexion, Video CoPilot, Verold, Sketchfab, Ballistic, and CGWorkshops.

The theme can be broadly interpreted. For example: it could be a child counting to 10 for the first time; a play on words (tentacles, tenacious, tenant); the Ten commandments; ten minutes to save the world; remember when you were ten (imaginary friends, bullies, nightmares, dreams for the future); what happened ten years ago; or, perhaps the power of ten. It could be 2D or 3D, image or video, and produced on any software. Make it hilarious or make it epic, CGSociety just wants you to make sure it cleverly adds the number, idea, word or symbol of ten.

CGChallenge XXVII: TEN will be judged by some massive stars of digital art: DeHong He, Daniel Hornick, Steven Stahlberg, Pascal Blanche, Lorne Lanning, Krishnamurti Costa, Jeff Mottle, Christopher Sloan, Brom, Alex Morris, Alexander Preuss, Ziv Qual, Leigh van der Byl and Mark Snoswell.

It is CGChallenge XXVII, and it’s going to be big!

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