Xfrog Discount Educational Offer

Posted by Xfrog on May 5th, 2011

Receive large discounts on any educational purchase of Xfrog software or XfrogPlants from Creation Engine, our educational reseller. All you have to be is faculty, staff, or student of any degree-granting institution. Creation Engine even accepts purchase orders.

Buy Now at educational pricing from Creation Engine!

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  1. Xfrog seems a good software.Describe in more detail about xfrog since i am not much familiar with this software.

  2. We are CINEMA users.

  3. Hello,
    My name is Gene Felice and I am a graduate student at the university of California, Santa Cruz. I am currently leading our 3D prototyping lab and have begun using Xfrog for developing 3D models to be rapid prototyped and for animations. I have been approved to teach a 3D Prototyping class this summer and would like to include Xfrog in my software budget. However, I need more time then the trial of the software allows, to test and learn the software so that I can convince my department heads to purchase it. Is there any way that I could have an evaluation copy of Xfrog, or a temporary password to learn the software, in hopes that we could purchase a education group license for my class this summer? Maxon has done this for me with Cinema 4D and it would be great if we could also have this done for Xfrog.

    Gene Felice

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