Hear what real Xfrog users have to say about working with our software and plants:

“The richness and diversity of the living world has always been notoriously difficult to translate into film using the tools of visual effects. It is striking that real progress towards convincing digital ecosystems for film has been made during this last decade — it is more striking still that the lion’s share of this progress has come through the work of a tiny California software company. XFrog has enabled filmmakers to put work on screen that was, and is, impossible without it. There is no question that XFrog’s sofware is a vital, irreplaceable tool for visual effects supervisors. Greenworks’ technical achievement is unique.”
– Kevin Cain, Director “Tales of the Maya Skies”

“Xfrog and MAXON can look back on more than a decade of close cooperation and we value Xfrog as a very reliable and innovative partner. With more than 3,000 Cinema 4D customers using the Xfrog software, it has evolved to one of the most popular commercial 3rd -arty plugins for CINEMA 4D. This powerful organic modeler integrates seamlessly in our software and the expansive libraries cover all imaginable facets.”
– Harald Egel, co-founder and CEO, MAXON Computer GmbH

“I am incredibly proud of the work our small team of artists accomplished for “Anonymous”. We used the xfrog tree system for some of the biggest establishing shots in the movie and could have not re-created Shakespeare’s London without it.”
– Volker Engel, President, Uncharted Territory

“Xfrog allowed us to work in our favorite 3D package Maya as a plug in, and the set of tools that come with were perfect for animating a growing tree, sprouting branches, realistic bark, and a huge variety of lush leaves. Since using on that commercial I always go to Xfrog when I need any 3D plants or trees”.
– Jon Tojek, TD, Hydraulx

“Xfrog has been singularly instrumental in introducing and establishing natural foliage and tree life into otherwise sterile CG environments. Further, their natural science-based approach to creating and cataloging accurate species based on geographic regions has done much to solidifying the suspension of disbelief in creating photo-real environments for feature film visual effects.”
– Eric Hanson, partner, xRez Studio and pioneer of CG feature environments

“Using Xfrog in production for the documentary “Messenger of the Sun”, we were able to quickly model detailed Jurassic vegetation without giving up our exacting research specifications – this mix of power, speed, and conceptual simplicity is, in a word, superb.”
– Kevin Cain, Academy of Art, SF

“In a CG world devoid of natural looking flora, Xfrog is an evolution to the next level. Now CG images can include 3D vegetation for greater photorealism or surrealism, as is wished.”
– Avi Das, Digital Domain

“Can’t beat it for a quick turn around. Xfrog is fast, powerful, and user friendly. An excellent procedural tool.”
– Jason Yanofsky, Rainmaker LA

“At the front of the tools of the future, GreenWorks’ Xfrog provides procedural modeling and animation through a unique graph-based approach. We love Xfrog and used it in our work on the recent cutting edge pop promo for Mel G”
-Richard Edwards, Producer, Pison, London

“Greenworks offers a product unique in the marketplace. I look forward to exploring new realms of architecture with it’s creative and procedural nature.”
– Eric Hanson, Dream Quest Images

“Xfrog’s procedural modelling approach is unique. It plays a vital role in our computer graphics research.”
– Ben Discoe, Intel Research (Virtual Hawai’i)

“I was first taken with the unique capabilities of Xfrog when I was art directing CG effects for films in the 90’s. There was no other program like it out there. Since then I have watched Xfrog being used in countless films and commercials while it grew and improved as a program. While one to the great strengths of Xfrog is its ability to create realistic plants and trees that one can find here on earth I especially like it because it helps me to conceptualize, visualize and create forms such as those on the molecular and microbe level, or life elsewhere in the universe including beautiful abstract formations. Another Strength of Xfrog is its animation ability . I am able to get smooth, graceful organic movement from it easily.”
– Audri Phillips, CG Artist(varied shops)