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Stewart McSherry, previous to being a Xfrog co-founder, helped shape Maya design development at Silicon Graphics Inc. in Mt. View California and was also inside the Maya software development team at Alias Wavefront Paris.

Xfrog Inc. has been a Maya developer since Maya 1.0. Xfrog was the first complex software to be written inside Maya as a Maya Plugin. (over 1 million lines of code are contained in the Xfrog Plugin)

Bernd Lintermann wrote the Xfrog-importer found inside Maya 1.0 and all succeeding Maya releases up through today. It is a free Xfr importer (and always will be). It opens any Xfrog .XFR file inside Maya. Since we wrote this plugin, we decided to also create 3,000 Plants in Maya (.mb) format. So you can simply purchase the Maya format plants and you do not need any plugin.

The actual Xfrog full implementation of Xfrog Software inside Maya started inside Maya 8.5 and from that time until today’s Xfrog 5.3 for Maya 2015 has all been achieved by the amazing Toni Ehrig. This gives you all the powerful tools of Xfrog software inside a Maya toolbar and applicable to all Maya Objects, Maya functions, MEL scripts, whatever.

If you are a Maya user, please test drive us: Xfrog for Maya (30 Day Trial — Fully Functional), and if you want free Maya plants, jump to our Samples Page.
Go here to buy Maya+XFR format: Bundles / Libraries / Species.

We have created over 3,000 XfrogPlants in 3ds max (.MAX) format.

You can try before you Buy 3ds Max (.MAX) format on our Samples Page (XFR – Xfrog format, also included)

Purchase MAX+XFR(Xfrog) format Plant Bundles / Libraries / Species.

We are longterm partners of the wonderful CINEMA 4D, and we are happy to say that our internal and node-based design of Xfrog fit very naturally inside CINEMA 4D host interface, such that Xfrog for CINEMA 4D has been our most successful plugin to-date, with several thousand units sold and a very happy user community. We estimate we are probably the largest selling non-free plugin in the C4D marketplace, thanks in part to many years of support and sales inside the Maxon CINEMA 4D website as well as our own

If you use C4D, Please test drive us: Xfrog for CINEMA 4D (30 Day Trial — Fully Functional)
Chaos Group V-Ray

You can get free V-Ray plants on our Samples Page or purchase Bundles, Libraries and individual Species.

Luxology modo
In 2012, We created over 3,000 XfrogPlants in Luxology modo Presets (.LXL) format.
You can try free plants in modo Presets (.LXL) format on our Samples Page
Purchase Lightwave Bundles / Libraries / Species from us or from the Xfrog page on the Luxology web site.

e-on Vue
We have partnered together with e-on software since 2003. We created our first Vue plants using Xfrog back then, and after many trial and error iterations, in 2013, we have created 3,000 models as Vue Objects (VOB) with very tight shading networks, and you can try them as Free plants in VOB format and 3 free big ecosystems with accompanying video tutorials.

Please try our free plants here and free ecosystems on our Samples Page

Planetside Terragen
We have partnered with Planetside Terragen since release of 2.0 and have bundled Terragen software with plants since that release. So you can buy from our store any Bundle of Plants and add-on the latest release of Terragen! For example here you can get XfrogPlants Bundle Vol 1 and add-on Terragen 3. You can also of course buy any or all of our 3,000 plants in Terragen format!

Here are Free Terragen plants.

And here you can buy Bundles / Libraries / Species

Bentley Microstation
We have partnered with Microstation since 2012, and have successfully created over 3,000 Microstation plants
in .CEL format. You can get Free plants on our Samples Page or purchase Microstation Bundles and Libraries.

In 2013, Itoo Software has created catalogs for all 3,000 XfrogPlants. This means any plants you purchase from us here or from Itoo here, will appear inside Itoo interface as thumbnails and ready for use. You will soon also be able to purchase Itoo Software as an add-on in our webshop. For now we recommend you purchase Forest Pak from Itoo and Bundles / Libraries / Species here from us.

NewTek LightWave
We have created over 3,000 XfrogPlants in Lightwave (.LWO) format.

You can try free plants in Lightwave (LWO) format on our Samples Page or purchase Lightwave Bundles or Libraries or Species here.