• XfrogPlants Vol 1 & and Vol 2 are released: 3,000 plants that are instantly the world’s largest and most popular plant collection
  • modo, vue and terragen 2 formats are added to all XfrogPlants growing the number of formats to 9, more than any other company.
  • XfrogPlants Singles are released, creating the possibility to purchase single Species, or any of 31 Libraries, or 2 Volumes comprising everything.



  • XfrogPlants Europe 3 and XfrogPlants FLOWERS 3 are released
  • Terragen 2 Bundle and MEGA-Bundle are released, combining 1,300 XfrogPlants with the powerful Terragen 2 software at a very affordable price.
    Please Note: this product has been replaced in 2012 with XfrogPlants Vol 1 + 2 + Terragen (1,500 more plants now available in Terragen format!)


  • Xfrog 4.3 for Maya is released
  • Xfrog 4.4 for Cinema4D is released
  • James Cameron’s Avatar is released, utilizing many XfrogPlants in the jungle scenes.


  • Xfrog 4 for Maya is released, (all components of Xfrog 3.5 Windows inside Maya)


  • Xfrog 4 for Cinema4D is released. (all components of Xfrog 3.5 Windows, inside C4D)



  • The Polar Express is released, all trees are XfrogPlants with their resolution cranked up for IMAX 3D.
  • Pixar’s The Incredibles is released, nearly the entire Jungle is XfrogPlants, and many of the Urban Trees.
  • Blueberry(France) / Renegade(USA) is released, featuring really rich and complex 3D organic hallucinations made with Xfrog. Rent It!


  • The Time Machine, is released, featuring many XfrogPlants whirling near the Time Machine whenever it steps forwards or backwards, and scattered around the Scientist’s Lab.


  • Xfrog 3.2 for Windows is released
  • 900 plant models are released in 15 Libraries (XfrogPlants)


  • Xfrog 3 for Windows introduce at SIGGRAPH 2000
  • Xfrog successfully ported from SGI to PC.


  • First Xfrog plugin was released for Maya. This plugin allowed Xfrog models and animation to be read inside Maya 1.0….

    Xfrog was the VERY FIRST Maya plugin developer.. (and we have continued to write plugins – From Maya 1.0 to Maya 2012!
  • Xfrog 2.0 with animation capability was launched for SGI platforms


  • Xfrog 1.0 was launched for SGI, Sun, and Linux platforms.
    It was purchased by several large production companies, such as Disney Imagineering,
    Intel Research, and The Moving Picture Company. It was a modeling system only.