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  Species Models Price Sale
XfrogPlants SPECIES 1 3-9 $89.99 $44.99
XfrogPlants LIBRARIES 20 60-180 $338.00 $99.00
XfrogPlants VOLUME 1 440 1380 $871.00 $299.00
XfrogPlants VOLUME 2 180 1620 $871.00 $299.00
XfrogPlants BUNDLE 620 3000 $1399.00 $499.00

What are XfrogPlants?

Our botanists simulate Nature using Xfrog organic procedural parametric software. Biomimicry. As of Fall 2017, we have created 3,000 plants, and you can nnstantly download them in 15 Popular 3D formats. We Scan bark, leaves, and flowers and apply them as textures for highest photo-realism. Our plants have been featured in over 100 Films and we have recently been nominated for a Scientific Oscar for contribution to the development of digital plants in film. Please visit our Gallery for Film, TV, Architecture, and more usage.

Click Thumbnails for Texture Scans
Silver Birch Leaf Silver Maple Leaf Norway Spruce Needles Pyreneah Oak Leaf European Aspen Leaf Grey Alder Leaf English Yew Needles
Silver Birch Bark Silver Maple Bark Norway Spruce Bark Pyrenean Oak Bark European Aspen Bark Grey Alder Bark English Yew Bark

The upside to modelling "by hand" is that XfrogPlants adhere to the underlying botanical rules by utilizing the botanical expertise of our modelers for every model. We don't scale a young tree to be a medium, or a medium to be an adult - we build from scratch each and every age and season using photo references and real scans of real leaves and bark. Every single variation of our 3D models are built from scratch. We humbly think the 3 ages give you enough bandwidth to instance and scale and rotate to create a halfway decent ecosystem, and the newer 9 variation libraries are built specifically that wide to give quite high ecosystem realism

Bundles Libraries & Species

There are currently 620 plant species that exist as hierarchical, procedural, 3D and 2D models known as “XfrogPlants” and nearly all were created (and are procedurally editable with) Xfrog 3.5 Software. We mention 3D and 2D, because every 3d model also comes with a highres alpha-cutout render useable as a billboard or background element.

These Species are available for purchase, as electronic downloads or as a fedex delivery, in 3 ways: XfrogPlants are available as 620 Individual Species, as 31 Libraries and as 3 low-cost, highly affordable Bundles

Easy drag and drop compatibility with all these formats: XfrogPlants are available in these 15 formats: Maya, 3ds Max, OBJ, Lightwave, Cinema 4D, 3DS, modo, Vue, Terragen 2, MicroStation, Unreal, VRAY, Maxwell, Thea, Unity 3D

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Blossoming: Kanzan Cherry Europe 1: Hornbeam USA Southwest: Strawberry Hedgehog Tropical: Sweet Orange

"Xfrog has been a source of quality geometry for the majority of my time in the VFX industry. From trees to plants to you name it in the world of flora, Xfrog delivers!" - Ken Ibrahim, Senior TD, Digital Domain