Artist of the Month: March 2016 – Danny Gordon

Posted by Xfrog on March 1st, 2016

Old Western - Danny Gordon
Smokey Ridge - Danny GordonArid - Danny Gordon Sleepy Hollow - Danny GordonGlymur - Danny Gordon

1. Q: Where are you from and how did you get involved with computer graphics, and how long ago?
A: I was born and raised in New Jersey USA 1973, My interest in computing started in High School Drafting class. The class was a board drawing based class with a single computer with AutoCAD installed on it so time on it was limited. As far as computer graphics and art work (CGI) I like many of us started off using Bryce in about 98 then on to Mojoworld & Terragen in the early 2000s.

The Rivers Edge - Danny Gordon

2. Q: Do you use computer graphics for work or personal art, or both?
A: It started mainly as a hobby that progressively lead to an obsession. Today I do use Terragen professionally.

3. Q: Do you have artistic training/background or self-taught? Where did you study and what?
A: Self-taught mainly, that said over the years I did take a few online CG Society/Gnomon classes on varying topics.

Spring Valley - Danny Gordon-trim

4. Q: What software do you use?
A: As I mentioned earlier I started out with Bryce, however since picking up Terragen I really never looked back. Excellent application in all aspects that I highly recommend.

Trunk Rock - Danny Gordon

5. Q: How did you find Xfrog and XfrogPlants? Do you use Xfrog, Xfrog Plants or both?
A: Xfrog to me has always been the go to shop for my plants. During the days when CG forums were very popular, you would always come across threads about the company and see some killer renders from some of the best guys in the business.

6. Q: Do you more enjoy modeling plants, creating ecosystems or making background elements for architecture?
A: I use them to create ecosystems mainly.

Tickler's Pond - Danny Gordon

7. Q: What feature would you like to see in Xfrog?
A: I haven’t used Xfrog in many years, so I can’t really comment.

8. Q: What plants would you like to have as next library produced by Xfrog?
A: Grass and some misc. ground cover, ie dead leaves, branches, clusters of grit etc.

Reflecting - Danny Gordon

9. Q: What is your favorite thing about Xfrog and Xfrog Plants?
A: The amount of them, It would take forever to find the correct plant for a scene without Xfrog and its accompanied documentation for scaling.

10. Q: what would you like to see improved about Xfrog and Xfrog Plants?
A: Honestly, a revisit of some models and a reworking of the meshes and textures.

Sardinia - Danny - Gordon

Winter in Valais - Danny Gordon

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  1. Bobby Stahr

    Great interview and a well deserved honour…congrats Danny.

  2. Wow, stunning landscape and plants!!! Great work!!!

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