Artist of the Month: March 2015 – Massi San

Posted by Xfrog on March 1st, 2015

Color Play
Purple on GreenShallow StreamMoistThe Pool

1. Q: Where are you from and how did you get involved with computer graphics, and how long ago?
A: My name is Massimo Verona; I’m a 33 year old Italian citizen and I live in Amsterdam. Before that, I lived in Germany in the Black Forest where I grew up. Val-PoschiavoI love music a lot and have been playing the hand-drums for 16 years now and I have been DJ-ing a lot in some clubs in Germany. The last 2 years I have been focusing on learning VUE and other software. I started 13 years ago using 3ds Max for private use, but had to give up on that really quick due to money issues at that young age. But about 2 years ago I found my way back to the 3d world with your amazing software VUE. Since then I have been learning this software. A really good thing is, that I have the ability to learn very, very fast and I am determined to become a skilled user of different applications that are necessary in the CG world.
2. Q: Do you use computer graphics for work or personal art, or both?
A: I earn my living with CG and i have a 1 man company called Unleashed 3D but I do also lot’s of personal artworks since it’s more a passion then anything else.

3. Q: Do you have artistic training/background or self-taught? Where did you study and what?
A: No, unfortunately I have no formal training. I was always fascinated with drawing or painting and have been drawing a lot since I was younger. I have always been a huge fan of Bob Ross which has given me lots of inspiration and made me believe in myself. Especially with sentences like: “there are no mistakes, there are only happy accidents!”
Nature's Formations

4. Q: What software do you use?
A: I use 3ds Max and Vue most of the time. But also various plugins such as Phoenix fd, Vray, Corona Renderer, Grow FX and also Photoshop but mostly just for color corrections.

5. Q: How did you find Xfrog and XfrogPlants? Do you use Xfrog, XfrogPlants or both?
A: I found XfrogPlants for the use in Vue where those plants are a great enhancement of the scenes created inside Vue. Realy nice plants that are totaly worth to use them in the scenes!
A Path6. Q: Do you more enjoy modeling plants, creating ecosystems or making background elements for architecture?
A: I also model my own plants for 3ds Max and of course all other assets needed in my scenes. Especialy in Vue I love making cliffs and rockformations with some of my metanodes I made for Vue. For vue I use XfrogPlants most of the time since there are no better plants available for Vue imo.

7. Q: What feature would you like to see in Xfrog?
A: I would love to have nicer and more inviting UI for Xfrog. I kind of miss the intuitive feeling for such a great plant modeling software. I hope this will improve. Also as an 3ds Max user it would be great if it could be used inside Max like it is for Maya!

8. Q: What plants would you like to have as next library produced by Xfrog?
A: Since I have all libraries of Xfrog due to a huge plants fix I made for Xfrog, where I fixed and optimized all libraries for the proper use with Vue’s new photometric light model…I think the libraries are covering quite a wide range of the plants all arround the world, but some swamp plants with nice cypress trees would be nice!

9. Q: What is your favorite thing about Xfrog and XfrogPlants?
A: I like that most of the libraries have an amazing detail in it. Especialy the Oceania libraries are some of the best and most accurate plants i have seen around.

10. Q: What would you like to see improved about Xfrog and XfrogPlants?
A: About the improvement for the software I said already above what I think. For the plants though I would love to have some plants with actual geometry for leaves rather than alpha planes every where. Alpha planes are an huge rendertime eater and i try to avoid them when ever possible. Also i miss trees that give the impression of beeing realy big and massive. Since I model many plants by my self I know that polycount is an big issue, but I would love to have some Xfrog hero trees that are not meant for the use in ecosystems due to the huge polycount but can be used as single objects in scenes. Now we have most of the trees with huge leaves wich totaly make even tall trees look like small trees.
You can find more of Massi’s work on DeviantArt

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  1. Massi is one of a kind with his environments. I have never seen someone push out as much work as fast as he can. Keep up the awesome work man!

  2. Elke Bassler

    Atemberaubende Landschaften und fantastische Szenen mit wunderbaren Details. Man sieht die liebe zur Natur. Bravo Massi San

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