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Posted by Xfrog on December 15th, 2012

Save 40% on Terragen 2.5 Software when you buy XfrogPlants Terragen Bundles:
Hundreds of species, thousands of plants: Get more 3D trees, shrubs and flowers for your dollar with XfrogPlants Bundles for Terragen!

Over the LakeSpringRainierValley of the TreesFoothills

Past Terragen MegaBundle customers: be sure to check out XfrogPlants Volume 2, containing 1620 of our newest, highest quality XfrogPlants ever. Each library in Volume 2 contains nine different models per species with even greater levels of detail. Volume 2 includes the best selection of 3D plants from Asia, Australia and Oceania, more Flowers and European trees, specialized Agriculture plants and more!

Why Terragen?
Buy any of our Bundles and add the new Terragen 2.5 with Animation for only $259: 40% off the list price of $439. Terragen 2 is a production quality renderer and modelling tool specializing in procedutal skies, atmosphere, water and terrains. All XfrogPlants are available in Terragen’s native .tgo format for seamless integration: Terragen’s instancing tools allow users to quickly populate vast landscapes with our ultra-realistic 3D plants. Terragen 2.5 now includes FBX import and export, vastly enhancing workflow between Terragen and other 3D applications.

All renders on this page were done by Jeff Boser using Terragen 2 and XfrogPlants:

Most of the plants I use are from Xfrog because the level of detail is amazing. Whether they are being view from 5 meters or half a kilometer away, Xfrog plants always provide the level of realism needed to make a digital landscape feel real

To see more of Jeff’s work and other amazing renders by Terragen and Xfrog users, visit the Xfrog Gallery.

Learn more about Terragen 2.5 at planetside.co.uk

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