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3,000 Plants for Vue

XfrogPlants are now available at 50% off in Vue format as Free downloads, and Bundles are $435.00 for Volume 1 or Volume 2, or $699.50 for the Volume Bundle. You can also use XfrogPlants in earlier Vue releases: if you do not have Vue 2014 or higher, we give…

Update for Xfrog 5.3 for C4D R16

This update fixes several issues affecting Mac users. Free for existing Xfrog 5.3 customers.…

Image of the Day for 1/22/2015: “Three Sisters” by James Fullen

by James Fullen Rendered in Terragen 2 Featuring models from XfrogPlants USA Conifers

The Incredibles

Credits: Pixar Use: XfrogPlants used all through the film, most notably the jungle sequences. For details on plants used in certain scenes, please read this PDF.…

Artist of the Month: January 2015 – Rudi Hendrich

1. Q: Where are you from and how did you get involved with computer graphics, and how long ago? A: I’m from Germany. Schleswig Holstein, a small state high in the north between the North and Baltic Sea. A friend of mine recommended me VUE 5 and since then it…

Xfrog Under Consideration for a Scientific OSCAR®

We are pleased to announce that Xfrog is under consideration by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts® and Sciences for a Scientific Technical (Sci-Tech) Award in the category “Digital Vegetation: Modeling, Animation and Rendering”. Five companies are nominated and we are honored to be among such industry giants as WETA,…