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XfrogPlants Basic: Now Free with Xfrog 5!

Get 60 free 3d plants with any purchase of Xfrog 5 software: Xfrog 5 for Maya or Xfrog 5 for Cinema4D. Like Xfrog 3.5 Full and Lite, Xfrog 5 now includes our popular XfrogPlants Basic library, free! Get started with 60 high quality 3d tree models featuring 20 of…

New Tutorial for Sketchup

Use XfrogPlants‘ high quality 3d plants and trees in SketchUp! We have added a new SketchUp section to our Support area, and included a new video tutorial to guide you through importing exporting, getting your plants to display correctly and more! Check out the tutorial now!

XfrogPlants now inside iToo ForestPack

Integrating XfrogPlants’ ultra-realistic 3d plant models with ForestPack is easier than ever now that iToo Software has released XfrogPlants in native Itoo “catalogs format” at their online store. Create very robust ecosystems in 3ds max, painlessly with Itoo population tools and XfrogPlants! Their new in-depth tutorial includes sample files…