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“Garden of Eternity” – Ulco Glimmerveen

Garden of Eternity by Ulco Glimmerveen. The plants in the fantastic “Garden of Eternity” animation are created with Xfrog and are available from the XfrogPlants page in our shop. Clouds, lighting, terrain, and water, are created in Planetside Software’s Terragen 2 Rendering provided by Ranch Render Farm.…

NSVRC PSA “The Weed” by PostageVFX

Watch “The Weed”, a Public Service Announcement PostageVFX created for the NSVRC using Xfrog 5 for Maya to animate growing weeds and vines. Read PostageVFX executive producer Allen Clements’s review of Xfrog 5 in Post Magazine which details the concept and creation of this TV spot. We titled the project…