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XfrogPlants Vol. 1, “Stream” by SandroS

From our upcoming new product, XfrogPlants Vol. 1, containing 1,300 plants, Artist SandroS has created a nice riverside ecosystem in modo. See his original post on the Luxology Forums… for more info.

In the scene I have imported one copy of every model you see, about 22 different models from


Xfrog 5 for Maya: Update 171R

This free update adds full compatibility for all versions of Linux plus minor bug fixes for all platforms. Download the new update, or visit the Xfrog 5… page for more information.


AMC/Coke “Magic Chairs” by Radium

Tools Used: Zbrush, Maya, Xfrog for Maya…, Scratch, Nuke, custom programs
Client: AMC Theaters
Product: Coca-Cola
Title: “Magic Chairs” :45
Airdate: June 5, 2009 in AMC theaters nationwide
VFX/Editorial Company: Radium/Reel FX, Dallas/Santa Monica (
Creative Director: Dale Carman
Executive Producer: Gary Banks
VFX Supervisor: Rob Nederhorst
CG Supervisor:


“The Returning Tree” by Yuri Serizawa

Watch “The Returning Tree”, Yuri Serizawa’s outstanding graduation work at Digital Hollywood.

Human civilization is powerful, it’s like a tree.
I used Xfrog 5 for Maya for most of the animation. The Hydra component… was used to “plant” the buildings around a circle using Golden Section and then the


FedEx “Forest” by Psyop

Watch Psyop’s “Forest” for FedEx, using Xfrog 5 for Maya… to animate trees and enchanted forest elements.