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XfrogPlants Vol. 1, “Stream” by SandroS

From our upcoming new product, XfrogPlants Vol. 1, containing 1,300 plants, Artist SandroS has created a nice riverside ecosystem in modo. See his original post on the Luxology Forums for more info. In the scene I have imported one copy of every model you see, about 22 different models from…

Xfrog 5 for Maya: Update 171R

This free update adds full compatibility for all versions of Linux plus minor bug fixes for all platforms. Download the new update, or visit the Xfrog 5 page for more information.…

“The Returning Tree” by Yuri Serizawa

Watch “The Returning Tree”, Yuri Serizawa’s outstanding graduation work at Digital Hollywood. Human civilization is powerful, it’s like a tree. I used Xfrog 5 for Maya for most of the animation. The Hydra component was used to “plant” the buildings around a circle using Golden Section and then the…